Dare to compare

Hgregoire Hyundai

Hgregoire Hyundai


Business hours

To match your lifestyle,

we’re also open on Saturdays.

Only open on weekdays.

Buying your car

We’ll buy your vehicle

from you but you’re under no obligation to buy your next vehicle from us.

To sell your existing vehicle

you have to purchase a new vehicle.

Additional charges

With us, there are no hidden charges:

the price you see is the price you pay!

The final price has to be negotiated

—and watch out for hidden charges!


Thanks to our network,

you have access to thousands of new and pre-owned vehicles.

Limited inventory.

Parts warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty

for replacement parts such as brake pads, shock absorbers and mufflers.


Engine warranty

If you entrust us with your safety

maintenance, your engine will have a lifetime warranty.